While support is always developed in collaboration with schools and is needs-based, I can provide services ranging from macro-level school and district planning to micro-level curriculum and instructional design.

Strategic Visioning and Futures Thinking

  • Supporting school communities in exploring the trends and drivers of global change affecting the learning needs of our students in the 21stcentury
  • Invigorating and engaging sessions and think tanks using progressive techniques in scenario-based planning and design thinking

Strategic Planning Through Backwards Design

  • Using my own Input-Output-Impact framework, I support schools and districts in achievement of Mission and Vision
  • Working backwards from articulated, futures-oriented goals (Impacts) to develop achievable and implementable action plans
  • Developing assessment frameworks to ensure that actions remain “impact focused”, adaptive and learning focused
  • Process can lead to the development of a unique “LearningBoard” digital system that engages the community in student performance and evidence of learning related to stated Impacts

Initiative Planning Using Backwards Design

  • Collaborative development of concise impact-focused implementation planning
  • Assistance in areas of implementation evaluation and change management
  • Particularly useful in defined program and “school within a school” projects

Aligning Vision, Mission and Curriculum through Curriculum Mapping

  • Designing the intersecting point between Vision-Mission and curriculum
  • Using robust curriculum mapping tools and approaches to support program-wide infusion of overarching goals

Infusing 21st Century Skills

  • Curriculum design and delivery to support a 21stcentury skills and learning focus for schools
  • Assessment of 21st century skills